Changqing and Zi Xuan Ending

Chinese Paladin Drama best scene. Some time has passed since their separation. Zi Xuan stands alone in an open field when it starts to snow. No longer an immortal, Zi Xuan’s ageing process increased drastically with her hair now as white as snow. She smiles upon seeing the snowfall, but her loneliness and life without Changqing leaves her sorrowful. Changqing, who is in Mt Shu starts practising his sword-skills as he reminisces Zi Xuan and his unfulfilled promise to her.

..awwww… what a bitter-sweet, heartbreaking ending.

It was obvious that our love was clear, but we have to accept separation.
I’m only left with the right to reminisce.
I haven’t had the time to feel sadness. Let love melt into the air.
What doesn’t exist, exists at the bottom of the heart.

It was agreed to be forgotten, but yet I unwittingly remember again.
It is clear that my heart has not agreed to give up on you.
I’m really sorry that although I promised you
I have not promised myself.
How could I really not love you?