XianJian 5 仙剑奇侠传五 Female Character Portraits

Since our last update, 2 new XianJian QiXia Zhuan 5 female game character portraits have been released!

Xian Jian 5 female character

Name: 羽裳 (yǔ cháng) (Literally means ‘Feather Clothing’)
Character Information:
1. Inhuman status, tender, delicate and modest
2. Has the quality of Si Luo (a kind of plant), flexible and cannot be broken easily.
3. Has no knowledge of the world, occasional encounter made her come to the earth.
4. Never regret after all the accidents.


Xian Jian5 Du Ying

Name: 毒影 (dú yǐng) (Literally means ‘Poison Shadow’)

Character Information:
1. Poison user. A member of one of the four main factions of PAL 5.
2. Cold. For many years, have only one goal, to save someone
3. A seemingly normal youth is the key to her goal
4. Somehow related to the Divine Pearls (seen in PAL 1 and 3)


Some comic strip gags “Chibi” form (Q版图):

Xian Jian 5 Chibi Comic
??: “When should I be released?”
Qing Shi 青石: “It’s none of my business,you lost the game!”

XianJian 5 chibi gag
Du Ying: Scorpions are my favourite!

The official PAL5 blog updates once every 2 weeks so we should be expecting more released in the near future 😀