[Xian Jian 5] News and Characters Xie Shou & Ouyang Qian

Two more Xian Jian 5 characters have been released! In terms of development, PAL5 is currently at about 65% finished. The first draft of CGs, music, etc. are being completed. We should also note that the previously released character names (“青石 ‘Green/Blue rock‘、毒影 ‘Poison Shadow’、血手 ‘Blood Hand’ ) are not their real names, but their codename used in their respective fractions.

The new character Ouyang Qian (another supporting character) is closely related to the main plot so not much can be revealed at this time. Stay tuned with Chinese Paladin Fan Website for more info.

Name: 欧阳倩 (ōu yáng qiàn)

Character information:

Gender: F

Age: 24

Intimate to: Husband, Son

Race: Human

Background: born to a large family

Personality: soft on the outside, strong on the inside

Favourites: ? ?






身份:出 身世家



Another supporting character. Unknown if he is friendly or hostile towards the main characters. He has some relations to a previous character that we have revealed (possibly Du Ying ‘Poison Shadow’)

Name:  血手 (xiě  shǒu) (Literally means “Blood hands”)

Character information:

1. Dark and powerful. A member of one of the four main factions of PAL 5.

2. Loyal. Willing to sacrifice anything to save his master.

3. Imprisoned for 20 years. His face is disfigured but his heart is not.

4. Freed again. And the youth (presumably the one freed him) in front looks familiar.


1. 黑暗强者,隶属仙剑五故事中的四大势力之一

2. 赤胆忠心,为救主上不惜一切

3. 被囚绝地,苦撑二 十载,面残心不残

4. 重获自由,眼前少年竟似曾相识