Xian Jian 5 Chinese Paladin 5 Game Chibi Dolls Fanart

Just in time for the Xian­Jian QiXia Zhuan 5 game release on July 07, I’ve com­pleted a set of ‘Chibi Dolls’ of the four main leads: Jiang Yun Fan 姜云凡, Tang Yu Rou 唐雨柔, Longyou and Xiao Man 小蠻

This is crossed posted on my personal sketch blog here. You’ll be able to read about my thoughts on the drawing process. These are not official artworks, they’re drawings I did which took many many hours to make.

Hope you like them!

Xian Jian 5 group Chibi Dolls

Chibi Doll Long You

Which one is your favourite?