Wallace Huo & Tang Yan MV, Interviews, Behind the Scenes

Here is a selection of wonderful fan-made Changqing & Zixuan music videos (MV). Enjoy!

Actress Tiffany Tang Yan talks about her character Zixuan, followed by Wallace Huo

The clip is part of a series of character interviews with the Chinese Paladin 3 cast. The first 5 minutes of this clip focuses on Tang Yan’s Zixuan followed by Wallace Huo’s characters. There are also recaps of their scenes together.

Changqing, Zixuan and Chonglou Interview

This is a video recording of a Chinese Paladin 3 promotional event (the quality is a bit poor). It begins showing footage from the drama featuring Changqing, Zixuan and Chonglou. The three actors then come onto stage and are interviewed.

Wallace Huo and Tang Yan Chinese Paladin 3 Premier Conference in Nanjing

Tiffany Tang Yan Behind the Scene

Three minutes into the clip, we see various behind the scene clips of Tang Yan in some battle scenes and hanging in mid-air.

Wallace Huo Behind the Scenes, NG, Bloopers

A series of behind the scene clips mostly around Wallace Huo, along with other Chinese Paladin 3 cast. Scenes also include kissing with Tang Yan.