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Site Updates & News

New Tiffany Tang Yan 唐嫣 Photos!

Hi everyone! It’s been a while but we’re back with updates for you 🙂

Today I’ve revamped the entire photo gallery of actress Tiffany Tang Yan 唐嫣 and added new pictures from her latest photo shoot. Doesn’t she look gorgeous? The gallery now has 120 high quality pictures!

I’ve also got a ton of Wallace Huo Jian Hua scans which I will be uploading soon. Keep an eye out for it!

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New page: Chinese Paladin 3 Episode List & Summary

Today I’ve added a new page which lists all the Chinese Paladin 3 episodes and the key events that happen! I’ve been meaning to do this for a while now, and was recently inspired since re-watching the drama for the 5th time 😀

I’ve also discovered that the drama has recently been uploaded in full length on youtube! (In the past, you had to load up 5 separate parts) So if you’re keen on seeing it again (or even better…for the first time!).

As an bonus, other English subbed series you can find on the channel include:

Strange Hero Yi Zhi Mei (starring Wallace Huo and Liu Shishi)
Legend of the Condor Heroes 2008 (starring Hu Ge and Ariel Lin)
The Fairies Of Liaozhai (starring Nicky Wu, Liu Shishi)
The Young Warriors (starring Hu Ge, Liu Shishi)

Chinese Paladin 3 – Never Exchange Fan Music Video


Chibiaya10 has posted a new Xu Changqing and Zixuan MV, this time using “Never Exchange” 此生不換 by Blue Bird Flying Fish – 青鳥飛魚. Very well made and edited clip. Enjoy!

Chinese Paladin 3 Girls: Chibi Dolls

Ta-da! Today I finally got around to drawing the other 2 female characters from Chinese Paladin 3Tang Xue Jian and Long Kui 🙂 I *might* draw Jing Tian and Xu Changqing too if there’s enough people who want to see them. Let me know what you think ^^ Hope you like it!

Tang Xue Jian 唐雪見, Zixuan 紫萱 and Long Kui 龍葵

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More Xu Changqing & Zixuan icons!

Ta-da! I’ve created 6 new avatars/icons of Xu Changqing and Zixuan for your enjoyment 😀 Feel free to use on our forum or on your own blogs! Just remember to provide credit link back here.