Unbeatable 无懈可击之高手如林 starring Hu Ge, Tang Yan

Hu Ge and Tang Yan once again collaborate (since Chinese Paladin 3, Fantasy Zhu Xian mini-commercial)  in a new modern drama titled “Unbeatable’ (无懈可击之高手如林) The series is set to broadcast on 6th August 2011 on SETV!



Title: 无懈可击之高手如林 / Wu Xie Ke Ji Zhi Gao Shou Ru Lin
English Title: Unbeatable
Genre: Modern
Episodes: 25

Hu Ge as Xu Ran
Tang Yan as Tang Qi Qi
Roy Qiu as Wei Xiao
Dong Xuan as Feng Lu Fei
Van Fan as Jiang Dong
Qi Wei as Ye Rou
Chang Chih as Cui Da Bing
Yumiko Cheng as Xiong Jia Jie
Liu Hui as Mr. Tang
Shu Lang Jie as Jian Dan
Gao Lei as Zhao Ning
Xu Zhen Xi as Zhang Da Yu


Starring Hu Ge, Tang Yan, Roy Qiu, Dong Xuan and Qi Wei, Unbeatable is a tale of a battle of high level executives. Hu Ge plays the sales executive manager who was tricked into losing everything by his business partner. Lost in a world of despair, it was eventually a cheerful Internet writer Tang Yan who re-awakens him. The two then set on an adventure to help him regain his empire, and perhaps even find true love in the process.

Official Trailer:

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