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What are your thoughts on Changqing & Zi Xuan?


Before I started Chinese Paladin 3, I was excited about the ‘Hu Ge and Yang Mi’ pairing and thought they were going to be my favourite. To my surprise, it was Changqing and Zixuan’s chemistry and love that completely won me over. Their love of three lifetimes is so beautiful and tragic… soon all I ever wanted to watch was the two of them and their story unfold…

I was completely drawn to Wallace Huo’s portrayal of Xu Changqing. He is extremely charismatic, charming and adorable in every way. I love that he is serious, sensitive, innocent and heroic. Being brought up as a priest, he has little knowledge of the real world and when it comes to love, he is completely clueless (or so he thought). These personality traits make him extremely cute, especially when he crosses path with the beautiful, alluring Zixuan. There’s just something so captivating about the two, the way they look at each other, the anguish and sadness in their eyes. Every little interaction left an impression on me. They’re by the far the best couple in the drama, and one which will forever have a special place in my heart.


Oh my goodness, I cried so many times while watching this couple! Their ending is soooooooo sad! I cried at the scene where Zixuan is standing in the snow with white hair and the song playing in the background and then it shows Changqing standing in the snow too, oh my gosh it breaks my heart! LOL I bawled my eyes out because I know how much they love each other; and I know that after they separate, they’ll NEVER be able to be together again because Zixuan will eventually die and Changqing will become an immortal. It’s so sad. 200 years of love is finally coming to an end. But I am so happy that they both played major roles in this series as opposed to the game, and that they got just as much screen time as Jing Tian and Xue Jian. Thank goddess for that.

The first seven episodes with the zombies really dragged on for me; I was starting to get agitated but the ONLY reason why I was able to keep on watching was because of Changqing LOL. Changqing really is the most perfect man. He’s on a level that no other man can even begin to touch or even fanthom. But in my opinion, if it weren’t for Wallace Huo’s fantastic acting abilities, the character of Xu Changqing probably wouldn’t have turned out so good. So for me, Changqing + Wallace = Perfect man. LOL.

I just LOVE his character so much! His humbleness, the way he carried himself, his calm and respectful nature, his dignified attitude, his confidence, his seriousness, his intelligence, his kindness, and his strong-mindedness, OH MY GOSH I was SO ATTRACTED to him, LOL, and it was just the icing on the cake that he was SO GOOD-LOOKING too (thanks to Wallace’s incredibly GOOD LOOKS!)!!!! as well as being a great fighter! And then I became SO HAPPY when Changqing and Zixuan finally met, because just the mere thought of such a GOOD MAN like him being involved in such a SWEET and HEARTBREAKING relationship with such a SPECIAL WOMAN like Zixuan totally made my heart melt even more! Seriously, LOL. They match so well! They’re like perfect for each other. One is a cute taoist priest who has no clue that he fathered a Nuwa descendant’s child and the other is a gorgeous but LOYAL seductress who only wants to love and be with him lifetime after lifetime! AwWWww, it’s So SWEET! But also sad.


When I first watched this drama, I enjoyed it mainly because of the entertainment, but once the love story between Changqing and Zixuan is revealed, and subsequently unfold, my, I can’t tell you how obsessed I became about this couple! They were so dynamic together! I love their romance, and chemistry, and most importantly, their ‘undying love’ for each other!

I noticed Wallace Huo a while back when I first saw him in World’s Finest with Michelle Ye. I thought he was really good-looking, but I didn’t pay much attention to him until I saw him in CP3. He was fantastic as the ‘suave’ (as Jing Tian likes to describe him LOL), kind-hearted, but naive priest of Shushan. I never would have thought Wallace could be so good at portraying a serious guy while making jokes with a straight face! LOL! And gosh, when his past was revealed, the subtle changes in his characters are so believable, especially when it comes to his lady love, Zi Xuan. I love how he looked so anguished once he discovered the truth of his past and how much hardship both he and Zi Xuan suffered in his previous lives. As for Tang Yan, I’m aware she’s a newcomer, but WOW, she is incredible! I love her portrayal as an innocent 16 year old Zi Xuan to a woman of 200 who is seductive but world-weary and unable to forget the love of her life. Her performance is wonderful, and I hope she gets tons of fans after this, she really deserves it!


When I first saw the drama, I didn’t even have the slightest clue what to expect. I liked Xu Changqing in the beginning, and his naivety just made him all the more cuter. Zixuan is so beautiful, and her bravery in her resolve to continue waiting for her love won me over. The one reason why I kept watching Chinese Paladin 3 was because of these two characters and their love, yet this drama is probably my favorite drama as of yet! You can imagine how much I love these two. It was so sad how they separated in the end, they’re the best couple I’ve ever seen in any drama, anime, or tv show.


I love them very much because of their love. This is true love and you can’t really find it now. I really love Zi Xuan she waited for soo many years and suffer through heartbreak. Changqing I was glad he finally regain his memories.


I think they were great together. They had the I don’t really love you attitude going on, but in the end they really did love each other inside their hearts.

And it is their attitude that their love is different and unique and SPECIAL.

This is probably why they are such an AWESOME couple! 🙂


Zi Xuang + Chang Qing = awwwww <3. They’re really adorable together and even though Chang Qing’s wooden Daoist ideals before his memories came back frustrated me, the change in him now that he does remember is even cuter ^_^.


The only thing that attracts me in Chinese Paladin 3 is ChangQing – ZiXuan couple. Just so in love with their 3 lifetime relationship. I do love all the OST written for this couple (Pian ai, Da ying bu ai ni).


They’re soo cute… *-*

我觉得华哥说得对,不要破坏经典! (大概是指卿萱恋吧)。所以我个人不希望他们再度合作。只要他们幸福就好了。


“Chang Qing and Zi Xuan have by far the most interesting backstory. Like Jing Tian, he had past lives which have slowly driven him to his destiny in the current story. Wallace Huo plays Xu Changqing with the proper amount of reserve and calm befitting a priest. His counterplay with Jing Tian is often hilarious, as he tries to use poetic taoist verses to explain actions/truths and Jing Tian who doesn’t see the big deal usually comes up with something witty in response. Like Hu Ge, Wallace’s character had past lives connected to his present one, so he had to make the transitions believable while still playing distinct characters. I personally thought he pulled it off very well, as there is just enough in their behavior that you can see they are the same soul, but they are still their own characters. An all around great performance.”

“…Separated from her soul mate twice already over 200 years, she has sought ways to prolong her life and beauty in order to wait for him to be reincarnated and have one final chance. To put it bluntly, this is the best character in the series with the best backstory and is also the best acted character. Where the other actors had to portray distinct characters across time with a few common threads, Tang Yan had to pull off the more difficult job of a single character’s transformation over 200 years. Thus she has to preserve all of the past threads while adding in new ones for the later time periods. A tall task to say the least but it is all pulled off brilliantly. Zi Xuan steals the spotlight the moment she appears.  She has the most beautiful costumes and of course it doesn’t hurt that she’s gorgeous. I was utterly entranced by her entire backstory which I found to be among the best episodes in the series. Keep your eye out for Tang Yan in the future as she shows great promise.”