Chinese Paladin 3 Wallace Huo & Tang Yan Fansite Part 4

Two new image galleries have been added to Xu Changqing and Zixuan moments

  • Changqing regains his memory
  • The End, bittersweet promises and separation (Ending Spoilers)

More images to come 🙂

Hi everyone,
I’m back with more updates and goodies for you 🙂

First of all, I’ve noticed the lack of English sites for both Wallace Huo Jian Hua and Tiffany Tang Yan (the actors for this lovely couple)- so I’m hoping to expand this site to cover info on them too 🙂 I’ve added both Wallace Huo and Tang Yan’s profile pages which lists their basic stats and other drama productions they’ve acted in.

We currently have 17 members in the fanlisting! Thanks to all those who joined so far 😀 If you’re a fan of this couple, why not join the list to show your support? The story of Changqing and Zixuan is so beautiful and utterly underrated, they deserve more love! What are you waiting for? Head over to the join page and let everyone know.

I’ve written up the pinyin of Chinese Paladin 3 OST  生生世世愛 “Sheng Sheng Shi Shi Ai” by Kary Ng and 答應不愛你 “Promise to Not Love You” by Ronald Cheng. So now even if you can’t read Chinese you can learn the song and sing along 😀

Some other exciting additions include articles written on Changqing and Zi Xuan, compiled together by myself and lovelikethis. These articles/thoughts/opinions are a very good read for any fan and really looks into their relationship in depth. These articles include:

  • Changqing and Zixuan: Fate, love and letting go
  • Zixuan loving selflessly
  • Zixuan’s life as a Nuwa descendant

Have something to say about them? Feel free to send them in and we’ll have it posted up here.

Finally, 38 pretty new images of actress Tang Yan have been added to the gallery. Enjoy!

For those looking to watch Chinese Paladin 3 with English subtitles, a complete fansub is now available for download courtesy of Jiang Hu. Click here for Chinese Paladin 3 direct download

The files are hardsubbed and the English translations and video quality is very good  🙂 I’m posting this here in hopes it would encourage any one curious about this drama to give it a go! If you do end up checking it out and find yourself loving the Changqing & Zixuan couple..remember to come back and join the fanlisting

If you’re like me and prefer to own a copy of the DVD, it is available for purchase through Yesasia


I’ve got some exciting news to share 🙂
Today I finally purchased a Chinese Paladin domain name to host our site:

As a result, our web address is now:
Please update your links and bookmarks to point to this new location. is now the official home of our sister site [Fairy and Swordsman] which is my fansite I built for Zhao Ling’er and Li Xiaoyao (played by Liu Yifei and Hu Ge in Chinese Paladin)

Our forum- Xian Jian Fan Club is now at:
Please feel free to join in the Chinese Paladin 3 topics and discussions! There’s some really good posts on Changqing and Zi Xuan you’ll definitely want to check out!

Last but not least, please join the Changqing and Zixuan fanlisting! We currently have 14 members but I’m sure we can do a lot better than that 🙂
More site updates coming soon.

More images can now be found in the gallery:

  • Changqing in Zixuan’s room
  • Ye Ping’s death

Most of their main scenes are up, but expect to see more as I re-watch Chinese Paladin 3 仙劍奇俠傳三 and drown myself in Changqing & Zixuan goodness 😀 Every little interaction between them is so intriguing and cute!

I’ve also created 3 new avatars/icons and hope to get around creating wallpapers soon. If you have created any graphics featuring this couple, you can contribute and send them to me

We currently have 12 members in the fanlisting. Come on guys, we need more of you joining. The whole purpose of this tribute is to gather all the fans of this couple to share their thoughts in a common ground. It will also motivate me to update this site more and add new content, keeping this fandom alive. So if you stop by this site, (looking for Wallace Huo and Tang Yan images and downloads), please take a moment to join the fanlisting. It will make me very happy 😀