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Hi everyone! Hope you’re all enjoying the festive season!
Today I’d like to share with you a special little treat sapphiresky found for us Chinese Paladin 3 fans- the gorgeous but missing OST – Heart is Aching. This song is played during the part where Changqing travels on the flying boat to find Zixuan 🙂 Why this song was not included with the rest of the Chinese Paladin 3 OST is beyond me. It’s really really beautiful!

Click here to download (Mediafire, 5.08MB mp3 format)

Download Chinese Paladin 3 Complete OST (Sharebee 111.88 MB, mp3)

Purchase the Chinese Paladin 3 OST from YesAsia


Today I’d like to give this lovely Chinese Paladin 3: Xu Changqing & Zixuan MV created by Chibiaya10 a feature!
What I particularly love about this piece is the variety of scenes taken from the series. It makes me really miss this couple…Worth a watch!

The song is “Insist on Love” (偏愛 Pian Ai) by Chang Yun Jing.  You can find the lyrics, translations & download

Zi Xuan Chibi Doll Isn’t this adorable? 😀 Today I spent several hours making 3 more “Chibi Dolls” of Zixuan in her various outfits. Click on the doll to see the rest of them. I intend to make more of them including some of Changqing. If there’s enough demand, I might even make the other Chinese Paladin 3 characters Jing Tian, Xue Jian and Long Kui. If you want to see them, leave a comment! 🙂