The Legend of Sword and Fairy Official Artwork

Here is a collection of beautiful official artwork and promotional images released of Zhao Ling’er and Li Xiaoyao from XianJian QiXia Zhuan, PAL95, PAL98, PAL XP, PAL3, Chinese Paladin Online (MMORPG), Xian Jian Inn and the New Xian Jian web game.

If you wish to use some of these on your site/forum, please provide a credit link back to Thank you and enjoy 🙂

Xiaoyao and LingLi Xiaoyao and Zhao LingXiao Yao and LingXianjian kezhanLi XiaoyaoXianJian Qi XiaZhuanZhao LingLi Xiaoyao Ending XianJian95Goddess NuwaChibi Li Xiaoyao and LingZhao LingZhao LingZhao LingXianJian OnlineChinese Paladin OnlineZhao LingXianJian Inn Game CoverLi Xiaoyao and Zhao LingZhao LingZhao Ling