New Chinese Paladin 3 Episode List & Summary and watch online

Today I’ve added a new page which lists all the Chinese Paladin 3 episodes and the key events that happen! I’ve been meaning to do this for a while now, and was recently inspired since re-watching the drama for the 5th time 😀

I’ve also discovered that the drama has recently been uploaded in full length on youtube! (In the past, you had to load up 5 separate parts) So if you’re keen on seeing it again (or even better…for the first time!) I would recommend watching them . It is English subbed and pretty good quality 🙂 Many thanks to the user uploadshishistuff for uploading these!

As an bonus, other English subbed series you can find on the channel include:

Strange Hero Yi Zhi Mei (starring Wallace Huo and Liu Shishi)
Legend of the Condor Heroes 2008 (starring Hu Ge and Ariel Lin)
The Fairies Of Liaozhai (starring Nicky Wu, Liu Shishi)
The Young Warriors (starring Hu Ge, Liu Shishi)