Hu Ge performs “I Will Not Be a Hero”Dreaming of Deer and the Cauldron theme song

“Wo Bu Zuo Ying Xiong”/I Will Not be a Hero

Dreaming of Deer and the Cauldron/The Duke of Mount Deer Online Theme song

胡    歌 –     我    不    做    英    雄

Dreaming of Deer and Cauldron 梦回鹿鼎记

A few days ago, the theme song to Dreaming of Deer and the Cauldron was released and it’s no surprise Hu Ge once again performs the theme song. “I Will Not Be a Hero” has a nice catchy tune and Hu Ge’s voice complements it really well! Hu Ge has also performed the theme songs to Strange Hero Yi Zhi Mei, Bu Bu Jing Xin and Fantasy Zhu Xian amongst other OSTs. You can find download from Chinese paladin fan website.

“Dreaming of Deer and Cauldron” (Meng Hui Lu Ding Ji)  will be a fantasy martial arts film expected to hit cinemas this summer. The filming wrapped up on 4th July and casts include Hu Ge, Nicky Wu, Liu Shi Shi and Liu Xinyue.

Official Music Video

Fan Music Video

Hear the song on youtube with this fan made music video! It features Hu Ge from his various dramas.