Chinese Paladin 3 Sad Ending: Zixuan & Changqing Images

An extremely emotional scene where Zixuan tells Changqing to ‘let go’ and forget her. By drinking water from the ‘Forgetting Emotions Lake’, all their memories of each other will be erased against their will. Although very hesitant, Zixuan’s persistence left Changqing without a choice but to oblige. The two consequently drink the water and part in opposite directions. As the two move away, tears pour from their eyes uncontrollably. How can they really forget everything they’ve been through? A flashback reveals Zixuan did not actually drink the water. Unbeknownst to her, Changqing actually spits the water back out.

Upon remembering again, Changqing lets out a laugh. Zixuan gave him every emotion he could have experienced. Sadly, Zixuan disappears and the two are left separated. They never see each other again =(