Did you know? Chinese Paladin Cast, Facts & Trivia

Here’s a list of some fun, less known facts about the Chinese Paladin Drama. Many of these were contributed by Chinese paladin cast and some of the members of our XianJian Fan Club. Have something cool you’d like to share? Drop us a comment and we’ll add it to this page (need evidence to support your claim though 😉 )

This page will continuously be updated with more fun facts over time. And is there something funnier than always discovering new facts about your favorite drama episodes? Well, probably there isn’t if this is your hobby to do. However, many people would rather be playing no deposit online casino games than watching movies. Have fun!

Chinese Paladin

    1. Hu Ge was not originally cast as Li Xiaoyao, but a minor role in the drama. During the audition while trying out different costumes, another actor saw him and loudly exclaimed “Oh, are you here to play the role of Li Xiaoyao?” At that moment, Yao Zhuangxian, the creator of the XianJian game was present and noticed his facial features suited the character. After discussing with the director and producers, they gave the role to him.
    2. An Yixuan (Ady An) was originally cast as Anu, and Liu Pinyan (Esther Liu) played as Lin Yueru. Their roles were eventually switched around, as many criticised Liu Pinyan’s lack of acting experience and felt she wasn’t elegant enough as Lin Yueru.

An Yixuan as Anu and Liu Pinyan as Yueru

Esther Liu as Lin Yueru

Hu Ge and Esther Liu

  1. Among the four leading actors, Liu Pinyan is the youngest. Their average age is only 18.
  2. Hu Ge personally loved playing the game ever since he was young and have always liked the character Li Xiaoyao because he is comical, straightforward and stubborn when it comes to love.
  3. Hu Ge believes the character Zhao Ling’er would be the most ideal girlfriend in real life.
  4. All voices are dubbed by professional voice actors, including the original Mandarin version.
  5. 沈磊 Shen Lei voices both Li Xiaoyao and Xu Changqing (Chinese Paladin 3)
  6. 李晔 Li Ye voices Zhao Ling’er and Qing’er
  7. 冯骏骅 Feng Junhua voices Lin Yueru and Zixuan (Chinese Paladin 3)
  8. 金锋 Jin Feng is the voice actor of both Liu Jinyuan  and the Drunken Sword Immortal.

Chinese Paladin 3

  1. The company of the game did not have any requirements for filming ‘Chinese Paladin TV Series’ apart from Hu Ge taking part in the series.
  2. The original cast (Liu Yifei, An Yixuan etc) did not participate in Chinese Paladin 3 mainly due to the artiste’s fees increasing drastically since the first series.
  3. Hu Ge was first to be cast, followed by Wallace Huo as Xu Changqing and Lam Chi-chung as Xu Maoshan. The 3 male actors covered for most of the artistes budget.
  4. While filming the kissing scene between Hu Ge and Yang Mi during the zombie saga, Hu Ge accidentally bumped into Yang Mi’s nose which caused her to bleed. Hu Ge was embarrassed during filming and opted for a “fake” kiss instead.
  5. Long Kui’s character seems overly intimate & attached towards Jing Tian, because in the game, Long Kui is one of Jing Tian’s love interest along with Xue Jian. Depending on the player’s choice, Jing Tian can end up with either girl (or both)
  6. The two vegetable tooth “菜牙” Hu Ge had was made by applying green nail polish on this teeth.
  7. Lam Chi-chung actor of Xu Maoshan spoke his lines in Cantonese during filming.
  8. Jing Tian’s self introduction 「景天的景,景天的天」 “Jing Tian’s Jing, Jing Tian’s Tian” is a parody of the game version, where it’s 「風景的景,天空的天」 “Jing as in the scenery. Tian as in the sky”
  9. The line “大雪飄飄路人瞧,雪見見雪樂逍遙” spoken by Jing Tian at the end was written by Hu Ge himself.
  10. Li Xiaoyao’s appearance in Chinese Paladin 3 does not exist in the original. His appearance is mainly for fan service.
  11. Hu Ge dubbed his own voice as Li Xiaoyao in Chinese Paladin 3. Therefore, Xiaoyao’s voice differs from the first series.
  12. In the game, Chong Lou is the final ‘boss’  and main villain, but Xie Jian Xian took his place as the final villain instead.
  13. In the end, Long Kui sacrifices herself to forge the sword. In the game, the player gets to choose either Xue Jian or Long Kui to sacrifice themselves, but to save Jing Tian, not to forge sword.
  14. The names of the main characters are plants (Jing Tian- Sedum, Xue Jian- Common Sage Herb, Long Kui- Solanum nigrum, Xu Changqing-Radix Cynanchi Paniculati, Zixuan)