Crystal Liu Yifei endorses QNYH 倩女幽魂 Online

Crystal Liu Yifei is now the face of QNYH (Qian Nv You Hun) Online, an MMORPG developed and published by NetEase. This is the second time Liu Yifei has been chosen to be a spokesperson for an MMORPG, the first being “Perfect World”.

Watch a clip of Yifei promoting the game and take a look at some behind the scene snippets of her photo shoot! Not being much of a MMORPG gamer myself, I’m mostly excited about all the stunning pretty photos which will be released! Liu Yifei looks really gorgeous, in particular as fantasy/wuxia characters.

QNYH Online Liu Yifei

QNYH Online Liu Yifei

QNYH Online Liu Yifei

Here are some photos of Liu Yifei from the QNYH Online Beta Press Conference.

QNYH Online_press02

QNYH Online_press03

QNYH Online_press01

QNYH Online_press04

QNYH Online_press05

QNYH Online Liu Yifei

She also sings the beautiful theme song for QNYH Online Lan Ruo Ci 兰若词 (originally sung by Xiao Ai  小爱) Watch her performance here:

Official website for QNYH Online:
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