Chinese Paladin Drama Blogger, Downloads, Wallpapers

We are pleased to announce we have a new guest blogger Rich who will be helping us update on Legend of the Sword and Fairy related game news, including the newly released GuJianQiTan. Rich is a member of our Chinese Paladin Drama Fan Club, and is working on a English translation project for New PAL XP game.

I am happy to hear from anyone interested in guest blogging for (whose main job will be translating articles from Chinese into English). Please read the guidelines & criteria and if it sounds like you, please get in touch.

Speaking of “GuJianQiTan” we have discussion topics on the game in our forum. If you’re interested, head over and join us. Did you know GuJianQiTan will also be turned into a TV drama?

Onto some site news, we  have 3 new hi-res wallpapers of Hu Ge submitted by Brad. Thank you!

Hu Ge's Albums

You can now download all of Hu Ge’s albums: “Start“, “Treasure” and “Blue Ray” via direct download. These can be found in the download section along with the Chinese Paladin OSTs. We provide the download links, but if you enjoy Hu Ge’s voice, please purchase the original album to support him! His latest album is brilliant, and includes “Gan Bu Gan Ai” from Fantasy Zhu Xian, “June Rain” from Chinese Paladin and “Forgetting Time” of Chinese Paladin 3 (A few of my personal favourites!) Liu Yifei’s Japanese album “All My Words” has also been added.

I’ve added quite a few posts on Liu Yifei recently as her latest movie along side Wang Lee-hom hit the cinemas. Plenty of trailers and images of “Love in Disguise” are up! Make sure to check them out.