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Chinese Paladin Liu Yifei & Hu Ge Screencaptures/Moments

Welcome to the largest image gallery devoted to Zhao Ling ‘er and Li Xiaoyao of Chinese PaladinLiu Yifei and Hu Ge share so many cute scenes and I have captured them all  for you to see 🙂

Scenes are sorted into different albums and contain major spoilers. Click on the thumbnail to see all images. If you wish to use some of these on your site/forum, please provide a credit link back to
Thank you and enjoy 🙂

[The Encounter]…where it all started

Li Xiaoyao arrives in Xian Ling Dao and notices a beautiful maiden bathing.

[Haven’t changed]…always making me so happy.
[Memory of 10 Years]… been waiting for you.
[Understanding] I’ll help you
[Their Little Secret]… discovering something new

Zhao Ling’er and Li Xiaoyao hide in a cupboard when they hear Lao Lao calling for her. The magical medicine starts illuminating and Ling’er notices Xiaoyao’s adam’s apple. Cheeky things start to happen.

[False Hope]… It’s a rock?

[Reluctant Proposal] Ling Er, marry me
[A Miracle] …blooming from a rock
[A Night not to Forget] Willingness
[Symbol of Love] …join hands

Waking up the next day, Ling’er and Xiaoyao join hands where she casts a spell on his palm. As long as he loves her, the word “Ling” will appear.

[Departure] …will you come back for me?
[Kidnapped] …Who’s this girl?

Xiaoyao finds a suspicious baggage in his room and discovers a kidnapped maiden. With his memory of her erased, Xiaoyao is confused by Ling’ers act of familiarity.


Not knowing Xiaoyao had taken the memory loss pill, Ling’er is in despair when Xiaoyao claims not to know her. He becomes very distant, and denies ever marrying her.

[Lao Lao’s Death]

Xiaoyao and Ling’er travel back to Xian Ling Dao in hopes to save Lao Lao. Unfortunately, they were too late and she was already on the verge of death.

[Nuturing you]

Being stabbed by Yueru, Ling’er uses her powers to heal the bleeding Xiaoyao and collapses.

[Marriage Fighting Contest]

Li Xiaoyao and Zhao Ling’er watch amongst a crowd while Lin Yueru is fighting potential bachelors.

[Reunion] Missing You
[Love You Forever]

Xiaoyao loudly claims he will love Ling’er “Yi Sheng Yi Shi” (Forever)

[Red Dandelion] From the heart

Li Xiaoyao wanted to make Ling’er happy and created a beautiful scenery filled with red dandelions, something Ling’er has been yearning to see.

[Leaving You Behind]
[Break Up]

Accepting her destiny as a Nuwa descendant, Ling’er decides to sever ties with Xiaoyao for his happiness.

[Not Coping]
[Ling’er trapped in Demon Locking Tower]
[Demon Locking Tower] Truth revealed

The climax of the story. In the Demon Locking Tower (Suo Yao Ta) as Xiaoyao is approaching Ling’er’s imprisonment, the events in Xian Ling Dao come flashing before his eyes. He remembers everything, Ling’er, their marriage and the promises of love and forever. “Ling” reappears on his palm..

[Back to the past] 10 years ago

In hopes to change the present, Li Xiaoyao travels back 10 years where he meets Zhao Ling’er as a little girl.

[Statue] Will face everything together

Not wanting to lose Ling’er again, Xiaoyao disapproves Ling’er fighting in battle.

[Nan Zhao Guo] Visit Lao Lao
[Li Yiru] is born]

Ling’er successfully gives birth to her child with Xiaoyao. They name her “Yiru” in memory of Yueru, who sacrificed her life for them.

[Marriage] For real
[Xiao Yao’s Death]
[Final Battle]

Zhao Ling’er and Li Xiaoyao face off with Bai Yue and the leviathan in their final battle…

[Tragic Ending]