Chinese Paladin Drama OST Covers

A while ago, I made a post on Chinese Paladin Sword and Fairy piano music, and today we’re going to look at covers based on the dramas! A “cover” is a new performance or recording of a contemporary or previously recorded, commercially released song. In this case, Chinese Paladin Drama music fans perform the soundtrack from the dramas in the form of piano, singing or guitar. Check out the videos posted below, and if you’ve seen one not posted here, let us know!

You can find all the original OSTs for download here.

Chinese Paladin OST Covers

Chinese Paladin

六月的雨 June Rain

一直很安静 Always being very quiet

Piano Cover:

Guitar Cover:

Vocal Cover:
Have you ever wanted to hear a male version of this song? Watch it here.

Chinese Paladin 3

答應不愛你 Promise Not to Love You

忘记时间 Forgetting Time (Closing theme)

你是我一首唱不完的歌 You are a never ending song of mine

Download the piano music sheet for this song