Chinese Paladin 5 Drama ‘Yun Zhi Fan’ Announced for 2016, starring Han Dong Jun, Gu Li Na Zha.

Wow, we have some great news!! Tangren has begun filming a new Chinese Paladin TV series, based on the game – XianJian QiZia Zhuan 5 (Chinese Paladin 5). They have named it ‘Yun Zhi Fan’ 《云之凡》‘ Let’s have a look at the leading casts!




Jiang Yun Fan 姜云凡 played by Han Dong Jun 韩东君



Tang Yu Rou 唐雨柔 played by Gu Li Na Zha 古力娜扎



Long You 龙幽 played by Joe Cheng (Zheng Yuan Chang) 郑元畅



Xiao Man 小蛮 played by Xiao Cai Qi 小彩旗


Starring: Han Dong Jun, Gu Li Na Zha, Zheng Yuan Chang, Xiao Cai Qi
Director: Zheng Weiwen, Xuhui Kang, He Zhenhua
Screenwriter: Wang Lizhi
Episodes: 40
Producer: Cai Yi Nong
General director: Li Guoli

The trailer (Contains spoilers)

XianJian QiXia Zhuan 5 game art

For those unfamiliar with the game, here are some character artwork the designs are based off:



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