Chinese Paladin 3 Episode List & Summary

If you’re like me and wish to re-watch specific scenes or moments from the drama, you can now easily use this page as a reference! Here is a list of all the episodes and the key moments/events that take place. Special moments between Xu Changqing and Zixuan will be listed as well 😀 (Check out screencaptures of all their scenes in the gallery) Of course, these contain major spoilers so only recommended if you’ve already seen the entire drama.

Episode 1

  • Jingtian finds the Jade pendant and meets XueJian
  • Mysterious man takes the Jade pendant away and exposes the destruction of the world in 300 days
  • Zombies/Poison people emerge and Changqing appears

Episode 2

Episode 3

Episode 4

Episode 5

Episode 6

  • Chonglou breaks into the Demon Locking Pagoda and takes the Demonic Sword
  • Chonglou confronts Jingtian and addresses him as General Feipeng
  • Jingtian obtains the Demonic Sword in exchange for a coin
  • Jingtian saves Changqing and carries him back to Shushan

Episode 7

Episode 8

Episode 9

  • Long Kui (blue and red) emerges from the Demonic Sword
  • Zixuan makes her appearance, while saving Changqing from Chonglou’s attack
  • Shenggu appears

Episode 10

  • Changqing becomes wary of Long Kui who attacks him in her red form
  • In search for Earth Pearl, the heroes leave their hometown and journey to Ann Village
  • Wan Yuzhi (fox demon) appears

Episode 11

  • Changqing meets Zixuan for the first time in the tavern
  • Changqing breaks his abstinence by drinking wine for Zixuan
  • Shenggu makes a wager with Zixuan based on Changqing’s actions towards Longkui
  • Jingtian scolds Long Kui for lying and hurting his friends. Jingtian meets Red Kui
  • Shenggu takes Red Kui and the heroes meet Shenggu

Episode 12

  • The story between Long Kui and Long Yang
  • Changqing takes Long Kui to send her off for reincarnation

Episode 13

  • Changqing helps Longkui so she is able to walk under sunlight
  • Jingtian acknowledges Longkui as his sister
  • Changqing and Zixuan fight, leaving her hurt
  • Jingtian, Xuejian and Longkui meet the Divine Tree Spirit

Episode 14

  • Jingtian, Xuejian and Longkui are captured by fox demons
  • End of Earth pearl arc

Episode 15

  • Elder Qingwei tells Jingtian about Changqing’s past with Zixuan
  • Jingtian and Xuejian search for the Fire pearl
  • Fire Demon King is introduced
  • Jingtian meets Zixuan, who takes his form and fights with Chonglou

Episode 16

  • Jingtian turns invisible and enter the Ghostly realm with Xuejian
  • Xuejian uses her tears to extinguish the fire and are saved
  • Jingtian rescues Zixuan who is fatally injured

Episode 17

  • Changqing recalls his memory of his first life as Gu Liufang

Episode 18

  • Changqing’s second life as Lin Yeping is revealed

Episode 19

  • Changqing asks Zixuan to leave, despite recalling all his memories of her

Episode 20

  • Jingtian “marries” the Fire Demon King and takes the Fire pearl

Episode 21

  • Beginning of the “Lighting” Arc
  • Yunting proposes to Xuejian

Episode 22

  • Jingtian confesses he loves Xuejian
  • Longkui is upset and jealous Jingtian loves Xuejian

Episode 23

  • Xuejian “marries” Yunting and takes the Lighting pearl
  • The box gets out of control thanks to Longkui’s jealously
  • Xuejian is turned into a tree within a burning forest

Episode 24

Episode 25

  • Jingtian and Changqing are in the Celestial Realm

Episode 26

  • Xuejian meets Xiyao and learns her past

Episode 27

  • Xiyao reunites with General Feipeng (Jingtian)
  • Changqing unleashes the seal on the box and goes berserk

Episode 28

  • Changqing is torturing himself and freeing prisoners in order to suppress negative emotions

Episode 29

  • Zixuan and Changqing are sentenced to be burnt to death
  • Chonglou saves both Zixuan and Changqing

Episode 30

  • Changqing learns he has a daughter, Qing’er
  • Changqing, Zixuan and Shenggu journey on the flying boat to release the Water pearl
  • Jingtian and Xuejian prepare to enter the Demon Locking Pagoda

Episode 31

  • Jingtian, Xuejian and Longkui are inside the Demon Locking Pagoda
  • Jingtian fights & defeats the boss
  • Changqing and Zixuan sacrifice Qing’er

Episode 32

  • The heroes are in the Sea Village in search of the Holy Spirit Pearl
  • The story of Xifeng and Shuibi is told
  • Jingtian and Chonglou have a heart to heart conversation about love
  • Entrance to the Underwater city is revealed

Episode 33

  • Chonglou gives Xifeng his freedom back and reunites with Shuibi
  • Zixuan returns Chonglou’s stolen heart
  • Underwater city collapses and Xifeng and Shuibi die
  • The mortal realm is in danger. Five elders of Shushan are captured

Episode 34

  • Changqing is consumed by Evil Sword Immortal

Episode 35

Episode 36

  • Maomao’s death
  • Longkui sacrifices herself to forge the Sword

Episode 37

  • Evil Sword Immortal is killed
  • Changqing and Zixuan “forget” each other and separate forever
  • Jingtian and Xuejian are happily together, but he does not have long to live