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Welcome to the Xu Changqing & Zixuan image gallery! Wallace Huo Jian Hua & Tiffany Tang Yan share a lot of chemistry and many unforgettable scenes. I have captured these moments from the DVD I own to share with you all.

Scenes are all sorted into different galleries (along with descriptions), so please click on the thumbnail to view all images.

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  • Sad Ending: Erase Memory

Chinese Paladin 3 OpeningChinese Paladin 3 Opening

Chinese Paladin 3 Opening Credits

Zixuan AppearsZixuan Appears

Changqing is injured severely by Chonglou's attack when Zixuan intervenes to save him. As he lays unconscious, he starts seeing visions from his past..."Tell me! Who else is in your heart?!"

Saving ChangqingSaving Changqing

Zixuan takes Changqing to safety and uses her power to save him. However, Sheng Gu takes her away before Changqing wakes up, leaving a tear drop on his face.

Changqing meets ZixuanChangqing meets Zixuan

Following the scent of a fox, Changqing finds himself at a tavern in the middle of the forest. Mistaking the lady for the fox demon, he grips onto her shoulder, pulling down her sleeves...

In her roomIn her room

Changqing wakes up the next morning to find himself naked in Zixuan's room! Did something happen last night?

Masked Encounter... How it all beganMasked Encounter... How it all began

The first life: Zixuan and Gu Liufang 顧留芳 (Changqing's first life) meet for the first time.

Enjoying time togetherEnjoying time together

Zixuan and Gu Liufang 顧留芳 enjoy their time together, who slowly fall deeper and deeper in love...

Three Year PromiseThree Year Promise

As Gu Liufang 顧留芳 leaves Zixuan to become a priest, she confesses her love to him. Thinking she is still young and unsure about her feelings, he makes a deal with her that if her feelings remain strong after 3 years, he will marry her. Zi Xuan is very determined.

Time ApartTime Apart

Zixuan and Gu Liufang live their separate lives, thinking of each other everyday. Time apart only affirmed their love for each other. However, the elder priests saw his feelings for the girl and in order to contain him told him she is dead.

Together again: First KissTogether again: First Kiss

After years of being lied to, Liufang discovers Zixuan by chance who flees from the sight of him. He chases after her desperately...

Forbidden Love...Death by CliffForbidden Love...Death by Cliff

After being chased overnight, Gu Liufang and Zixuan are driven to the edge of a cliff. Due to heaven's disapproval, the two jump to their deaths, who would rather die together than to be apart.

Second Encounter..Falling into your armsSecond Encounter..Falling into your arms

After years of waiting, Zixuan finally re-encounters Liufang... except it's Lin Yeping 林業平, his reincarnation.

Alluring lady at the tavernAlluring lady at the tavern

During an investigation, Yeping encounters Zixuan at the tavern amongst a bunch of men. Why are her eyes sorrowful, and what is this emotion he is feeling?

Resistance and DenialResistance and Denial

After drinking until he was drunk, Yeping starts seeing his life as Gu Liufang in his dream. He wakes up confused, and shocked by what had happened.

Confessing love...Marry MeConfessing love...Marry Me

No matter how hard he tried, Yeping fell hard for Zixuan. Unable to shake off these strong feelings, he eventually stops lying to himself.

Marriage... Night of the WeddingMarriage... Night of the Wedding

Leaving his role as a Taoist Monk, Yeping and Zixuan are finally together and get married.

Lin Yeping's DeathLin Yeping

In an attempt to save his wife, Yeping is stabbed to death, leaving him covered in blood on top of Zixuan. With his dying breath, he asks her who else is in her heart.

Changqing regains his memoryChangqing regains his memory

With Changqing's seal removed, everything that had happened between them came flooding back to him. With so much to take in, Changqing is overwhelmed by his feelings and torn between his desire to be with her, and his own mission. Feeling shattered by his decision, Zixuan reluctantly agrees to leave.

Finally TogetherFinally Together

Time apart made Changqing realise how much he loved Zixuan and decides to go against his master's wishes to be with her...once and for all.

Sad Ending: Erase MemorySad Ending: Erase Memory

An extremely emotional scene where Zixuan tells Changqing to 'let go' and forget her. By drinking water from the 'Forgetting Emotions Lake', all their memories of each other will be erased against their will. As the two move away, tears pour from their eyes uncontrollably. Is this the end of their story?

The End, bittersweet promises and separationThe End, bittersweet promises and separation

Zixuan stands alone in an open field when it starts to snow. No longer an immortal, Zixuan’s ageing process increased drastically with her hair now as white as snow. She smiles upon seeing the snowfall, but her loneliness and life without Changqing leaves her sorrowful. Changqing, who is in Mt Shu starts practising his sword-skills as he reminisces Zixuan and his unfulfilled promise to her.

Chinese Paladin 3 ClosingChinese Paladin 3 Closing

Chinese Paladin 3 Closing Credits