Chinese Paladin 3 cast Fantasy Zhu Xian

In late 2009, after the popularity of Chinese Paladin Drama, the cast were brought together once again to film a mini-drama/commercial for Fantasy Zhu XianJade Dynasty– an MMORPG created by Perfect World. The result? A simply stunning movie clip! The costumes are very pretty and the CG is quite impressive. It was very nice seeing some of the Chinese Paladin 3 cast in there (though it’s a shame Wallace Huo wasn’t part of it).

Fantasy Zhu Xian Promotional Image

The cast from Chinese Paladin 3 includes: Hu Ge as Chen Yufeng, Yuan Hong as Qi Sha, Liu Shishi as a pair of twin sisters, Tiffany Tang Yan as Hua Nongying and Guo Xiao Ting. Please note, this is not a drama but a one-off promotional trailer for the game.

View the Fantasy Zhu Xian Trailer《夢幻誅仙》:

Fantasy Zhu Xian Screenshots & Promotional Images


敢不敢愛 Gan Bu Gan Ai  (Dare to Love?)

Performed by 胡歌 Hu Ge MV (Fantasy Zhu Xian《夢幻誅仙》theme song)

Download: Dare to Love.mp3 (6.68mb) (via filestube)