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XianJian QiXia Zhuan 5: Third New Trailer & Tribute

  • Posted by on May 4th, 2011 | Category: XianJian QiXia Zhuan Game

    The third official trailer has been released for the upcoming XianJian QiXia Zhuan 5 game! The game is also set to release on 7th July 2011! What I particularly love about this clip is the battle music which starts playing at 1.15. It has a similar style to the other PAL in-game music with it’s own touch :D Watch and see for yourself:

    Buy XianJian Qi Xia Zhuan 5 (Collector’s Edition) at Play-Asia.com

    Meanwhile, a new clip has also surfaced on the net as a tribute to the other XianJian franchise. The opening clip features a 3D Zhao Ling’er falling from the sky into Li Xiaoyao’s arms :D The beautiful background music which plays is from XianJian QiXia Zhuan 5, but with vocals!

    Some screenshots taken from video:

    Zhao Ling'er 3D

    Zhao Ling'er and Li Xiaoyao 3D

    For more screen captures, view our image gallery.

    Liu Yifei in Taiwan to promote A Chinese Ghost Story

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  • Posted by on May 3rd, 2011 | Category: Actor's News

    Liu Yifei arrives at Taiwan airport and greeted by fans

    Liu Yifei in Taiwan airport 2011

    Liu Yifei in Taiwan airport 2011

    Liu Yifei in Taiwan airport with fans

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    A Chinese Ghost Story sweeps China Box Office on first week

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  • Posted by on May 3rd, 2011 | Category: Actor's News

    Wilson Yip’s (葉偉信) A Chinese Ghost Story (倩女幽魂), an adaptation of the 1987 classic, led the China box office last week with RMB72.5 million ($11.1 million) after six days on release.

    With its nationwide attendance crossing two million admissions, A Chinese Ghost Story secured approximately 48% of admissions (and 47% of the RMB box office) as the only new film on release in cinemas.

    The action-romance-fantasy opened on 19 April, three days earlier than originally scheduled, so as to give it additional headroom ahead of The Lost Bladesman (關雲長) after it moved its own release date forward.

    Sources: filmbiz.asia

    [A Chinese Ghost Story] Victory News Conference 28.04.2011

    A Chinese Ghost Story Cast

    A Chinese Ghost Story Cast

    A Chinese Ghost Story Cast

    A Chinese Ghost Story

    A Chinese Ghost Story

    A Chinese Ghost Story

    Images:  cnr.cn

    [Shangri-la] 香格里拉 Drama Pictures & Trailer starring Hu Ge, Jin Sha, Wang Like

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  • Posted by on May 2nd, 2011 | Category: Actor's News

    A trailer has finally been released for Hu Ge’s Shangri-la 香格里拉 TV drama co-starring Jin Sha and Wang Like! This drama is scheduled to broadcast on  CNTV on 6th May.

    Update! You can now buy the DVD from YesAsia!

    Short teaser trailer:

    30 minute length trailer (which basically recaps most of the story):

    Shangrila Hu Ge 2011

    Shangrila Hu Ge 2011

    Shangrila Hu Ge 2011

    Shangrila Hu Ge 2011

    Shangrila Hu Ge 2011

    Shangrila Hu Ge 2011

    Shangrila Hu Ge 2011

    Shangrila Hu Ge 2011

    Shangrila Hu Ge 2011

    Shangrila Hu Ge 2011

    Image source: Sina and Baidu

    Liu Yifei as “Heartless” in The Four Great Detectives 2011 四大名捕

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  • Posted by on April 26th, 2011 | Category: Actor's News

    With “A Chinese Ghost Story” showing in cinemas, actress Liu Yifei is currently filming a new movie “The Four Great Detectives” 四大名捕. The film is based on the famous wuxia series written by Malaysian born Wen Ruian 溫瑞安 which he first started writing at the age of 19 years.

    In this adaptation, the leader of the four detectives, Heartless (无情)  is played by Liu Yifei and has a special affinity with small animals like birds, cats and dogs. In the original novel, Heartless is a man but in this movie adaptation she is now a female. According to director Gordon Chan’s blog, the original author, Mr Wen himself has approved the change in gender.

    The other three detectives are played by Collen Chou as Metal hand (铁手), Ronald Cheng as Life Chaser (追命) and Deng Chao as Cold Blooded (冷血).

    Filming commenced on 5 March 2011 and is expected to be completed in May 2011.

    The Four 2011

    The Four Great Detectives 2011

    The Four Great Detectives 2011

    The Four Great Detectives 2011

    Liu Yifei as Heartless

    Liu Yifei as Heartless

    The Four Great Detectives 2011

    Liu Yifei on wheelchair

    Crystal Liu in The Four


    Image sources:  sina

    [Xian Jian 5] Art of Chinese Paladin 5 backgrounds & scenery

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  • Posted by on April 19th, 2011 | Category: XianJian QiXia Zhuan Game

    New XianJian Qixia Zhuan artwork has been released giving us a sneak-peak into the locations & setting of the game.  Some of these locations will very familiar to us fans!
    Which are your favourite? I can’t seem to decide but the image of Suo Yao Ta (Demon Locking Pagoda)  still gives me chills…!

    Chinese Paladin 5

    Chinese Paladin 5 Scenery

    Chinese Paladin 5 Larva

    Chinese Paladin 5 stairway

    Chinese Paladin 5 background

    XianJian 5 art

    Chinese Paladin 5 building

    XianJian 5 Suo Yao Ta Xian Jian 5 forest

    Newly released 3D Renders:

    Buy XianJian Qi Xia Zhuan 5 (Collector’s Edition) at Play-Asia.com

    Liu Yifei stars in historical film “White Vengeance” 鸿门宴 (2012)

  • Posted by on April 9th, 2011 | Category: Actor's News

    White Vengeance Poster

    Actress Liu Yifei has been cast to play the coveted role of concubine Yuji in the historical film “White Vengeance”…thanks to her nose!

    “I like her nose very much,” director Daniel Lee gave his praise to Liu on Thursday, “It shows the tenacious side of a purely beautiful actress.”

    The director explains that although the film is male-dominated, Yuji is a key character.

    The film recalls the banquet of Hongmen, a well-known event in 206 B.C. where warring general Xiang Yu was motivated to assassinate Liu Bang, his rival.

    Yuji was Xiang Yu’s consort. Their romance inspired the classic Peking opera play, “Farewell My Concubine”, from which Chen Kaige made his Oscar-nominated film of the same name.

    Director Lee said Leon Lai would play Liu Bang in “White Vengeance”. But the actor for Xiang Yu is still being kept under wraps.

    Filming will start in two weeks.

    While Liu Yifei is preparing to play Yuji, casting for the role in another new film on the same subject has become arduous. Director Lu Chuan, who is helming “The Last Supper”, has launched nationwide auditions to find an actress who he hopes has “a new face, a pure appearance and a strong mind.”

    Lu’s film has actor Liu Ye as Liu Bang, and Daniel Wu as Xiang Yu. But Yuji’s player remains a myth.

    Source: english.cri.cn

    White Vengeance (Banquet at Hongmen) – Beijing Press Conference


    White Vengeance

    WWhite Vengeance Cast

    White Vengeance

    Liu Yifei in White Vengeance

    Liu Yifei and Leon Lai

    Liu Yifei

    Liu Yifei in white


    Image source: sina | ent.ifeng.com | chinafilm.com

    鸿门宴 (2012) Casting Preview

    Did you know…? Chinese Paladin facts & trivia

  • Posted by on April 8th, 2011 | Category: Chinese Paladin Drama

    Here’s a list of some fun, less known facts about the ‘XianJian QiXia Zhuan’ dramas. Many of these were contributed by members of our XianJian Fan Club. Have something cool you’d like to share? Drop us a comment and we’ll add it to this page (need evidence to support your claim though ;) )

    This page will continuously be updated with more fun facts over time. Have fun!

    Chinese Paladin

    1. Hu Ge was not originally cast as Li Xiaoyao, but a minor role in the drama. During the audition while trying out different costumes, another actor saw him and loudly exclaimed “Oh, are you here to play the role of Li Xiaoyao?” At that moment, Yao Zhuangxian, the creator of the XianJian game was present and noticed his facial features suited the character. After discussing with the director and producers, they gave the role to him.
    2. An Yixuan (Ady An) was originally cast as Anu, and Liu Pinyan (Esther Liu) played as Lin Yueru. Their roles were eventually switched around, as many criticised Liu Pinyan’s lack of acting experience and felt she wasn’t elegant enough as Lin Yueru.
    3. An Yixuan as Anu and Liu Pinyan as Yueru

      Esther Liu as Lin Yueru

      Hu Ge and Esther Liu

    4. Among the four leading actors, Liu Pinyan is the youngest. Their average age is only 18.
    5. Hu Ge personally loved playing the game ever since he was young and have always liked the character Li Xiaoyao because he is comical, straightforward and stubborn when it comes to love.
    6. Hu Ge believes the character Zhao Ling’er would be the most ideal girlfriend in real life.
    7. All voices are dubbed by professional voice actors, including the original Mandarin version.
    8. 沈磊 Shen Lei voices both Li Xiaoyao and Xu Changqing (Chinese Paladin 3)
    9. 李晔 Li Ye voices Zhao Ling’er and Qing’er
    10. 冯骏骅 Feng Junhua voices Lin Yueru and Zixuan (Chinese Paladin 3)
    11. 金锋 Jin Feng is the voice actor of both Liu Jinyuan  and the Drunken Sword Immortal.

    Chinese Paladin 3

    1. The company of the game did not have any requirements for filming ‘Chinese Paladin 3’ apart from Hu Ge taking part in the series.
    2. The original cast (Liu Yifei, An Yixuan etc) did not participate in Chinese Paladin 3 mainly due to the artiste’s fees increasing drastically since the first series.
    3. Hu Ge was first to be cast, followed by Wallace Huo as Xu Changqing and Lam Chi-chung as Xu Maoshan. The 3 male actors covered for most of the artistes budget.
    4. While filming the kissing scene between Hu Ge and Yang Mi during the zombie saga, Hu Ge accidentally bumped into Yang Mi’s nose which caused her to bleed. Hu Ge was embarrassed during filming and opted for a “fake” kiss instead.
    5. Long Kui’s character seems overly intimate & attached towards Jing Tian, because in the game, Long Kui is one of Jing Tian’s love interest along with Xue Jian. Depending on the player’s choice, Jing Tian can end up with either girl (or both)
    6. The two vegetable tooth “菜牙” Hu Ge had was made by applying green nail polish on this teeth.
    7. Lam Chi-chung actor of Xu Maoshan spoke his lines in Cantonese during filming.
    8. Jing Tian’s self introduction 「景天的景,景天的天」 “Jing Tian’s Jing, Jing Tian’s Tian” is a parody of the game version, where it’s 「風景的景,天空的天」 “Jing as in the scenery. Tian as in the sky”
    9. The line “大雪飄飄路人瞧,雪見見雪樂逍遙” spoken by Jing Tian at the end was written by Hu Ge himself.
    10. Li Xiaoyao’s appearance in Chinese Paladin 3 does not exist in the original. His appearance is mainly for fan service.
    11. Hu Ge dubbed his own voice as Li Xiaoyao in Chinese Paladin 3. Therefore, Xiaoyao’s voice differs from the first series.
    12. In the game, Chong Lou is the final ‘boss’  and main villain, but Xie Jian Xian took his place as the final villain instead.
    13. In the end, Long Kui sacrifices herself to forge the sword. In the game, the player gets to choose either Xue Jian or Long Kui to sacrifice themselves, but to save Jing Tian, not to forge sword.
    14. The names of the main characters are plants (Jing Tian- Sedum, Xue Jian- Common Sage Herb, Long Kui- Solanum nigrum, Xu Changqing-Radix Cynanchi Paniculati, Zixuan)